Current Issues/Events

It is emergency preparedness week in Dublin Ohio...check out what the city is doing.

Roofing work will continue over the weekend due to weather issues

Roofing of Buildings on Corbins Mill has begun!

*** UPDATE Roofing Update:
Due to rain AGAIN TODAY, gutters were not able to be replaced today. They will be looking to complete them on Friday- depending on weather - please make sure you are home to open your garage door or leave it open so the roofers can access your gutters on the patio...or they will be coming over your back fence.

Thank You - the Board!

2019 State of the City

The City of Dublin invites you to the 2019 State of the City, which will highlight collaboration, partnerships, current and future programs that are creating the right environment for residents, students, teachers and businesses to thrive.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

   ·   6-7 p.m  Community Reception

   ·   7-8 p.m. State of the City Presentations

   ·   8-8:30 p.m. Dessert and Networking

The Exchange at Bridge Park
6520 Riverside Drive, Dublin, OH 43017


The public is invited.

Notice from the city of Dublin

That unmistakable scent is back. Skunk mating season is in full swing, so expect to see and smell them more than usual through March. Head to our website to learn more.


Freezing weather is HERE!!  
Let your faucets drip so your pipes do not freeze. Any pipes that burst inside your unit is the homeowners responsibility!  Stay WARM and be SAFE

***Upcoming Winter Weather (1/18-1/21)***:
Heads up - we are expecting some major snowfall Saturday and Sunday - in regards to snow removal, we will be pre-treating the main drive areas between 9-10 this evening (Friday), snow will be removed after 4 inches, and then we will discuss further plans with our plow contractor for further steps. Please be careful and note that sidewalks and front porches will not be cleared until the snow has stopped. 
Thank You!

                        'Tis the season - and things to remember....

1. Keep an eye out for packages outside of people's condos.  Please let your neighbor know if they have a package.  Many of us do not go out the front door and a package could be sitting there for a couple of days.  If you see suspicious activity- call the Police.  This is the time of the year when many packages are stolen.

2. Keep in mind, the board is trying their best with the help of our landscape company on when to salt our development, please be extra special this time of the year when the weather is unpredictable.

3. Please remember to winterize your outdoor faucets, we do not want pipes to freeze.

4. Family and friends will be coming over, please be courteous to your neighbors and remind them to park in the visitor parking areas.

5. As always, if you have any questions or concerns during this holiday season or at any time, please reach out to Barb Bitler at Towne Properties [email protected]
or by phone at 614-781-0055.  She will communicate any and all issues to the Board.


Safety Concerns:

Due to the recent thefts and other issues, several members of our community have voiced concerns regarding the safety of our neighborhood. In response to this, the following websites will provide you with much info on the subject... remember, if you see something, say something!
1) Info regarding reporting and preventing crimes:

Roofing Info
The first phase of the roofing project was a success! Please know that due to cost, this will be a 2-3 year process and buildings were chosen based on greatest need. ALL roofs will be completed by 2020.

***Theft ALERT***
There have been multiple thefts of outdoor items in our community. Please be sure to alert the police, fill out a report, and let the board know if this happens to you. 
We definitely want the police to be aware so that they patrol the area more frequently. 
ALSO, please be sure to keep your garage door down as much as possible so that more valuable items are not stolen.
We are looking into being a neighborhood watch community.

Plumbing Issue
Being an older property means that our sewer system is also older... This means it has not caught up with new products - specifically disposable wipes. Please do not flush these down the toilet - they cause blockage which is a huge cost to repair. Thank you!